quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010


If you recognize this awesome bucket its because I stole this pics from a very nice blog that I visited one of these days.

Check this out, they're FOR SALE here:
Awesome pictures, and sick pinstriping!

-Hope you don't mind the advertising...and thanks for joining the group!

Todays message.

Sorry about the delay, I was a little occupied with some work at the store.

I'm finishing the plans to my vacation. I'm Going to visit some relatives in the USA. (18 to 31 july) NY, Florida, just a couple of days in MIAMI.
Very nice places to go, hope theres some bike party to go! Some shops and garages to visit!
If you guys know anything interesting, please let me know!

quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

Come and Join the group!!

This is for everybody that came and go here.
Stop, and join the L#7 group!
We need more followers to keep going....
We´re always going to have some nice pictures and all kind of stuff for bikers...
If you have a blog and you want it to appear here in "Places to go", Just let me know, write me a comment, and join the follower list.

We Bike Bloggers have to stay together!!



nice pic.